I mean, they're Jensen and Jared. What did you expect them to do? Be normal?

I love Dean & Sam (Supernatural)! And Gossip Girl isn't bad

The Castiel one though

The Castiel one though

Yup. Supernatural downing Twilight.. They're cool like that. lol.

You doing it right Dean

Still can't believe they didn't get sued by the Twilight ppl for this episode. Or by the Twilight actors for slander.

My Monkey man!

There's a lot of death on this show...that's a lot of destroyed coke bottles... but this person seriously needs to go sit in a corner and think about how words and actions can both hurt equally!

There's a lot of death on this show.that's a lot of destroyed coke bottles. THAT IS NOT FUNNY

I think the same thing Misha

Misha has a very good point. which kind of scares me.<<< Said men might want to watch the show first though, I'm willing to bet most of us can smell bullshit from a mile away

supernatural humor funny tumblr dying laughing!!!!!

Funny as hell, then MISHA! OMGs, I hurt myself laughing at that last image.<< Jensen used to be a cheerleader too

[gifset] Jared and Jensen helping out on Ingrid Libera's Ice Bucket Challenge and making it all their own. Only these two!

[gifset] Jared and Jensen helping out on Ingrid Libera's Ice Bucket Challenge and making it all their own.<<< Friggin' Jensen on the motorbike XD

long suffering face ;-) lol

My favorite things that other people found on Tumblr

I know I've already pinned this but it's so hilarious. The long suffering parent face of Dean Winchester

The way Cas tries to act like a dad to Claire is all I need. We also need to talk about the grumpy cat he got her for her birthday. "I got it at the Hot Topical" I cant

(Season 10 rewrite) Sass-tiel 13 by enginesummer on DeviantArt i love the fact that we share the same name =D daddy!Cas making dad jokes is honestly the best thing ever

#mose needs coffee

#mose needs coffee

Yup pretty much

What? You have your angel and i have mine

a little strip at break time again //drinking tea now back to work ahhh I'm in a deep love with this cute couple gif for x') Dean, Cas, Sam, Lucifer @ SPN Destiel Strip 2

A is Gossip Girl!! :O

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Pretty Little Liars + Gossip Girl!

Georgina Sparks = Satan. I've never hated a fictional character so much in my life!! Oh, the drama that Gossip Girl brings!

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