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4 years. 4 albums.

Zayn left😔 but still gonna buy every single album coming up💙

HAHAHHA! But I am seriously sooo looking forward to this video! I was really hoping they were making a video for Diana. If this is a rumor I will be so mad.

Round 2 VEVO :P why does that pic make me laugh so much? Haha omg I'm crying :') it reminds me of directioners when topless pics of the boys are posted in groups ect.well that's my expression anyway, dunno about you lln xx

We have One Direction Infections Photos | Facebook | We Heart It

one direction, niall horan and louis tomlinson image on We Heart It

Ummm you tweeted it and i learned it...aha..aha..i didn't listen to it before it was released or anything *scoff* duh.

Need you forget you released it to those who preordered the album.

I like this theory. I still haven't listened to it. I want to save it so that it's special not just another song. You know. I want to respect the boys by not listening to it

I like this theory. People really need to listen to this song. It is not an annoying pop song, it actually has a lot of meaning.