This about made me cry... :,( I will always love one direction no matter what happens or what anyone says.

Im still a hardcore directioner always and forever I love one direction

I still believe in the but the worst part is... that it's already happening

Noooooooo they will be back they promised I believe them but Harry Styles single Louis' mum birthday was today :( and he performed at ultra and Zayn left on March Niall Horan is so chill this is too intense

I agree omg

Read it. All of it, because it's SOOOOOO true! I love my Nialler. I am definitely a Niall girl.

You just described every good looking self respecting Irish boy in EXISTENCE

Ugh it's sad that my ideal boy is Niall Horan and I have to share him with millions of girls

Heh so true

Though at one point, it WAS The Jonas Brothers. (& I do include when I say the boys)

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I actually cried! I love More than no offense, I'm always gonna stay a Directioner


At first I never talked about them even though I have known about their band for a long time, because I thought no one else was a directioner but now I talk about them all the time "Favorite Picture of the Boys"

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This is so true.and one reason why I dislike people who believe these "band names" are correct.Luke's not the only guy there on stage, neither is Harry.

Excatly!!!! Im equally dedicated to both bands and i support and love them both to bits

Im equally dedicated to both bands and i support and love them both…

Comment both 1D and 5SOS please and I will love you forever :) (I'll also tell you what your name sounds better with also ! :) )

What does my name sound best with? Please comment below! My name is Destiny.