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Gotha Go 145: Pod śródziemnomorskim słońcu.

Gotha Go Pod śródziemnomorskim słońcu.

This pair of Mk. V's demonstrate the two different power plants tried out. Nearest is an experimental machine fitted with an annular  radiator for its Sabre engine, while EJ 823 was a standard in service version with a Napier Sabre engine with the well known "beard" radiator

"Last of the big, butch piston engined warriors" KB RAF Hawker Tempest Mk V - World War 2

The Supermarine Stranraer was a 1930s flying boat designed and built by the British Supermarine Aviation Works company principally for the Royal Air Force. They entered operations in 1937 and many were in service at the outbreak of the Second World War undertaking anti-submarine and convoy escort patrols.

Supermarine Stranraer --- anti-submarine and convoy escort patrols.

Boulton Paul P.75 Overstrand (1933) was the last of the twin-engine biplane medium bombers of the Royal Air Force,

Boulton Paul Overstrand was the last of the twin-engine biplane medium bombers of the Royal Air Force,

Ansett Short Sunderland 23 C Class Empire Flying Boat (VH-BRF)

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Miles M27 Master III (W8667) No 5SFTS - Royal Air Force - advanced trainer - World War 2

The Miles Master was a British two-seat monoplane advanced trainer built by Miles Aircraft Ltd for the Royal Air Force and Fleet Air Arm during the Second World War.

Vickers Vildebeest --- British biplane used as light bomber, torpedo bomber and in army cooperation roles.

1928 - Royal Air Force (RAF) Vickers Vildebeest (Single-Engined Light and Torpedo Bomber)

Supermarine Spitfire

Quite possibly the most beautiful aircraft ever built: The Supermarine Spitfire. {{The Spitfire IS one of my favorite planes!

Short Flying Boats

An informative and visual guide to Short Flying boats.