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so much attitude in some of these and some are so fun! you know stuff about them without thinking about it at the first glance

2010 - Sketch Dump 8 by Runshin

Eighth sketch dump from 2010 featuring many concept designs of Shuo and Tutu - two female characters from my Next-Gen web comic series - and some other random stuff. And Chihiro fanart from Spirite.

as-warm-as-choco: “ By animator Masaru Sakamoto (米山 舞) from “Atmosphere’s Sketchbook A doujinshi series by Shuhei Handa (ebisu), Yoneyama Mai (yone) and himself (as

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Girl holding different kinds of weapons - Female Poses - Drawing Reference:

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pose reference three people two standing one sitting throne reference , group , perspectives , 3 people