Le loup est un etre comme tout autres

Image detail for -White Wolf: Enchanted Fantasy Wolf Digital Art of Cindy Grundsten

mon loup

White Wolf : Enchanted Fantasy Wolf Digital Art of Cindy Grundsten (Photos - Video)

Loup et Rapace.

My pet wolf and hawk. The wolf is named Moon and the Hawk is called Star. Moon changes colors according to her surroundings and Star scouts ahead for us and can sense when an enemy is close. They were gifts from Artmis when I left.


Winter Guardians Gothic Christmas Yule Card by talented Fantasy artist Anne Stokes It has a lovely sketch and greeting inside the card and comes with

animaux sauvages et libres

As a Celtic symbol, the Wolf was a source of lunar power. Celtic Lore states that the Wolf would hunt down the Sun and devour it at dusk, to allow the power of the Moon to come forth. This is my spirit animal.

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Gif Animaux Drôles

You can tell when a wolf is longing for their mate when they look as sad as this. Ignorant to the beauty in the scernary around him because his mind is occupied.

Carol Cavalaris | CAROL CAVALARIS

Carol Cavalaris Print featuring the mixed media Dream Catcher - Midnight Spirit by Carol Cavalaris

con cachorro

Winter had come to the forest with a vengeance when a full moon arose in the month of December. Food was scarce and the wolves were staying close to their packs to stay alive. The wolf was a differ…

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