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Thistla: Inspo for the elvish assembley-hall. not all elvish architecture is made of magically manipulated trees, some is beautifully handcrafted design and extrordinary architecture.

Fangorn by Alan Lee

Alan Lee drawing of Tree Beard, from Lord of the Rings. Another pencil sketch illustrating an idea from Lord Of The Rings .

Alan Lee. Love his work.

A Walk in the Woods, by Alan Lee. One of my most favourite artists, he's not a maker but to me drawing is the main inspiration and drive in my work.

Alan Lee Sketchbook

snickykiki: One of Alan Lee’s concept sketches of Rivendell, Lord of the Rings

I'm pretty certain that this is Isildur being betrayed by the ring to his death. By ALAN LEE -TL

Siegfried im Dienste des Königs.