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The loudest thing humans have invented. The sound alone would kill you within 700 feet. I've been checking on craig's list for a used one.

On July 1969 Astronauts Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Edwin “Buzz” E. Aldrin left the Earth loaded into Apollo 11 and took off for the Moon. The launch was on a Wednesday, th…

Mercury Spacecraft, designed and built by McDonnell, St. Louis for NASA. Signed by the six astronauts who flew in the Mercury program: Alan B Shepard, Gus Grissom, J H Glenn, Jr., Scott Carpenter, Wally Schirra and Gordon Cooper.

A celebration of the history of the manned space program, space exploration, and science. ***Disclaimer*** This page is not associated with NASA. I'm just a fan of the space program.

talant-de-bien-faire: “Nice livery. ”

Dutch Demo The Royal Netherlands Air Force demonstration team jet as decorated for the 2005 show season. from Tburg

Diagrams explain the physics concepts of Interstellar.

Interstellar ... I Love Sci Fi

Interstellar science Wormhole travel across the universe and supergiant black holes are just some of the wonders seen in the film 'Interstellar.

coisas para se pensar, ou impensaveis ao universo. È tao infinito ao meu ver e tao enorme, que é difícil descrever a grandiosidade em palavras.

our solar system, the sun, arcturus, antares, the milky way and the universe. How does the size of earth stack up.

Media Tweets by Dzine Partnership (@DzineLondon) | Twitter

Media Tweets by Dzine Partnership (@DzineLondon) | Twitter


Digital Matte Painting 5 20 Amazing Digital Matte Painting by Sarel Theron

Apollo 11 turns 45: A lunar landing anniversary retrospective | Ars Technica Approaching the pad at Baikonur. Visible at bottom are the flame trenches that would channel the first stage's thrust plume.

Apollo 11 turns 45: A lunar landing anniversary retrospective

"The (Nositel Rocket for the soviet manned moon program.) main engines - the Saturn V had just Thinking about whether our time travel vehicle will have hints of the appearance of typical space travel (Cora Clarke for TT Brief)


Farewell, Atlantis - NASA, International Space Station, Coolio pic of Atlantis

The Original Seven - America’s first astronauts, April 9, 1959

The Original Mercury The guys with the "right stuff" Alan Shepard, Gus Grissom, John Glenn, Scott Carpenter, Wally Schirra Gordon Cooper Deke Slayton