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Band Room Rules

Band Room Rules

Based on the comic Band Room Rules, this hilarious x poster clearly explains the rules of your band room to your students so they obviously get the point. The poster is professionally printed

oboe humor. Onnestly, I can hold for forty-six and its only my second year. Pfft, amateur.

I literally had to write remember to breathe on my solo piece

when people call the band room...... band humor

when people call the band room. band humor<<< Or just any musical room in general

Crashed out in the percussion room. Sounds about right.

Crashed out in the percussion room.<<< I'm confuzeled, do orchestra instruments go in percussion rooms cuz that's not what we have

The Funniest Musician Jokes Ever Told [Part 1]

Actually, in band camp, the oboe sat by the fourth chair flute(out of fifteen flutes)