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Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina flying boat

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Catalina. ****************************************** ===> https://de.pinterest.com/leifsson/effercio/

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Beautiful Warbirds

Consolidated PBY Catalina, American flying boat, and later an amphibious aircraft. First flight 1935


ultimate-world-war-ii: Catalina PBY I cannot help myself I HAVE to repost PBY’s. Such an incredibly beautiful and undisputedly useful aircraft. So many downed crewmen owe their lives to this humble flying boat.

B1B Lancer bomber Flying low

ⓙⓖⓞ jgo Lancer bomber Flying low over water. Some of the best memories I had as a Pilot was flying low "on the deck" over water!


The Consolidated PBY Catalina was an American flying boat of the and