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Ironworker, NYC

Obviously this man has no fear of heights New York City Iron Worker

The topping out ceremony for the Wilshire Grand Hotel provided our photographer, Gary Leonard, with some breathtaking images. This is merely one photo where Gary captured some of the team high above the city. To see the entire gallery of photos,.

pinterest.com/fra411 #skycrapper - building of the RKO tower 1932

'Tee time' taken during the construction of the Rockefeller Center in Manhattan, New York City circa Photography by Charles C. Ebbets x

Christ the Redeemer statue

Knee-knocking, palm-sweating, terrifying heights (33 photos)

Base jump off "Cristo Redentor" (Christ the Redeemer) statue of Jesus of Nazareth in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; by Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner in

The Berlin Wall was built on August 13, 1961. Photo caption: An East German soldier helps a young boy cross the barbed wire which was a marker for where the Berlin wall would soon be built. The guard was caught and punished. - Click image to find more History Pinterest pins

An East German soldier helping a boy cross the newly formed ‘Berlin Wall,’ The boy was found on the opposite side of the wall from his family. Despite given orders by the East German government to let no one pass, the soldier helped the boy through

The Trench Run, Hong Kong, China, photo by Peter Stewart

New York Times building under construction in ca. 1903, in a place soon to be called Times Square

1903 - NYC, New York: New York Times Building under construction in soon-to-be named Times Square. This is one of the neatest photos I have ever seen!

Grand Central Terminal in the 1920's before tall buildings blocked out the light.

Grand Central Terminal (incorrectly labeled as Station.) New York City 1929 Photo by Hal Morey (Image from the NYC Transit Museum)