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Join the sea and the waves and you won't be alone anymore. Your body and lips will turn blue and you'll match the oceans as you watch the light fade. But I said no and the ocean gifted me with beautiful things.


this have a lot of meanings , in case you didn't understand , this is all about the mental age of the girl , like she's only and already feeling like a broken 20 years old , this is mostly because of house issues or parents issues.

#manga #mangagirls #mangaanime

#manga #mangagirls #mangaanime

-Broken heart

Sad depressed little girl her wings have been cliped and her heart has been chiped but still puts a smile on her lovely face for at least the face she wants to be a lovely face.

I'm fine.

I'm Fine . But truly hurting people won't speak the truth of pain. But God can help you you if you are one of those that lie every day and say I'm fine.

So please think before you speak. Put yourself in that person's place. If you have to think twice, don't say it. xx

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