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Look for something positive in each day, even if some days you have to look a little harder. Let the challenges make you strong. Each day is a blessing, and even bad days are lessons, be thankful for each day.

In the end, it all means the same to me.

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Chaotic Love

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"She is delightfully chaotic; a beautiful mess. Loving her is a splendid adventure." Steve Maraboli This is how I feel about our youngest daughter LOL

Being thankful is truly the key to appreciation and love❤️

This Wednesday, Christmas Day, strengthen yourself from within by learning how to be thankful for what you already have. Gratitude helps us live a

To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded. -Ralph Waldo Emerson. Nurse quotes. Nursing quote. Registered Nurse. RN.

To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded -Ralph Waldo Emerson quotes

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My Purpose in this life time is to see the magic and potential in people and to remind them of it when they have forgotten.

good things come to those who wait

Quotes - 'The longer you wait for something, the more you appreciate it when you get it, because anything worth having is definitely worth waiting for.


"Maybe I can't stop the downpour, but I will always join you for a walk in the rain. I love you.

Nothing can dim...

Beauty within you.

More wall decor ideas. "Nothing can dim the light that shines from within." Quote by Maya Angelou and a reminder to let your light shine brightly


Balance - Be strong but not rude Be kind but not weak Be bold but don't bully Be humble, but not shy Be confident, but not arrogant

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Our days are Happier when we give people a bit of our heart rather than a piece of our mind. a piece of your heart happier

Words to remember

True Happiness is found by loving God, being kind to others, and being comfortable with who you are already! people who enjoy others and like themselves. Happy people give of their time to help others!

True Love ~ Joy ~ Peace \o/

Good relationships don't just happen. They take time, patience, and two people who truly want to be together. Good relationships take work.