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Hunger Games Problem Watching the Olympics and picturing the athletes as tributes

hunger games problems

this is where hunger games problems overlaps gleek problems and harry potter problems lol. And I won along with Peeta and Katniss. I am not kidding all of these HG problems are true.

I wish I knew

In the movie, listen very closely to her interview. People say that Caesar says 'thank you finch' she even has a line then too!

Indeed I do

Hunger Games Problems When it's raining and you're dodging puddles, you feel like you're Foxface avoiding the land mines.

And the Mockingjay whistle just played in your head!

Hunger Games Problems- I went to a grocery store this one time and this man was with whistling Rue's song and I was like 'Another Tribute' then I looked at him and mentally gave him a high-five>>> this comment tho

only said this 9,985,463,571 times in english class on accident

We started reading to kill a mockingbird in English literature and seriously I kept telling people I was reading to kill a mockingjay

this happened to me when i was reading to kill a mockingbird.......true dat

I keep doing this in school just now because we are studying to kill a mockingbird. But my teacher loves THG anyway so it's cool.


And reading The Hunger Games while eating a sandwich on pita bread, and somehow knowing that it's some kind of sacrilege. Both the fact that you're eating while reading The HUNGER Games, and thinking about something eating Peeta, and cannibalism.