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AND will be off-schedule for about a month or so, meaning comics will be much less frequent for a bit, but will still happen when I have time for it!

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All artists have a lot in common. Whether you're a comic artist or a painter - you still experience similar situations like lack of inspiration or constantly

4-panel Life

4 panel life comic by Jen Jen Rose. I'm okay with sitting all the way in the back, but there is a little feeling inside me that always says "What have I done?

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Wwwwhhhhyyyyy this happens all the time but when I just half arse it it gets tons of people wanting me to draw something for them★ Life

I can so relate to this XD

This actually happened to me.I'd come up to the stage confidently then make a mess of my speech XD

I did this to my boyfriend not too long ago.he reacted the same as the friend.

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Me reading back my "genius ideas" when I'm about to go to sleep the next morning