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abgallery: I wasn’t going to get involved at first, but call it a failing, I can be coddling when it comes to Nidorina. I wanted to make sure there was a fair representation out there for our little chimeric friend. The many kinds of nidorina

The Seven Types of Pokémon Players. Mix the second, third, and last ones and you get me.

The Seven Types of Pokémon Players

The 7 Types of Pokemon Players. I'm the fourth sometimes and the last. I enjoy the cool Pokémon but I typically will have a team in mind when starting a new game. It's not always one type but I love dragon and fighting types.

Pick Your Starter!: A Choose-Your-Own-Pokemon Adventure! (Sapphire/Ruby)

Who's your favorite Hoenn starter Pokemon - Mudkip, Treecko, or Torchic?: A Choose-Your-Own-Pokemon Adventure! (Sapphire/Ruby)" and more funny posts on Dorkly

I’ve been inspired lately by all of the Pokémon  variations and breeds on my dash, so I decided to make some of my own for one of my favorite lines!Here you can see some various bre...

I had so much fun with my Pumpkaboo& I decided to do some for another one of my favorite lines!Here are 12 different Cottonee breeding variations along with their.

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Sylveon, Slurpuff and Vanilluxe by shoyrcloud Flabebe, Mewtwo and Absol by Mega Banette, Mega Gengar and Mega Ampharos by . View "The 20 Coolest Pokemon Hexafusions" and more funny posts on Dorkly