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Draw Your OTP [PNG] by Miss-Tyc Original Screenshot from Steven Universe Credit OP and link back to them, don’t credit me!

thє humαn hєαrt íѕ ѕuch α trєαchєrσuѕ thíng: @ G҉r҉a҉c҉e҉ E҉v҉e҉t҉t҉e҉

Person on monopoly board: Jake Person praying: Serah, Person with shades rubbing monopoly money on themselves: Ivy, person behind Ivy with shades throwing money: Seth, person with mic: Kisa, person in (Favorite Meme)

Draw the squad

zdraws: “ day at the museum (mormons) kinda collab with feel free to draw ur ocs/whatever on this!

Draw the Squad

Draw the Squad

Tsukki in the back, Yams in red, Tanaka's sister driving, Tsukki's brother on top

Draw the squad: Kai, Paya, Fung and Gahri pose