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Id Hair Colour Bomb Vivid Saffron - 250 ml.

Id Hair Colour Bomb Vivid Saffron - 250 ml.

Today I wanted to share one of my favorite smoothies for clear and healthy  skin. It seems like most people who struggle with acne, dry, oily, or other  skin problems, look for products they can apply to their skin to treat the  issue. Unfortunately, this is one of those things where we are treating the  symptoms and not actually addressing the issue or solving the problem. A  good skin care routine can certainly help and should be included in your  overall skin care equation, but diet is…

Glowing Skin Green Smoothie

From IAMTHELAB.com Handmade Apothecary from Green Laboratorium

Sometimes we need to be reminded that less is more. Eszter Laki designed the logo, labels, business cards and other assets for GREEN LABORATORIUM, a Swiss hand-crafted skincare brand that needed packaging as wonderfully pure as the products themselves.

Flower Power Healing Bath

This appears to make a wonderful soak in the tub a glorious soak in the tub. Flower Power contains pampering salts, flowers, and especially essential oils for an organic bath.