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danandphil, danisnotonfireandamazingphil, amazingphil, danisnotonfire, danandphilgames<<< I LOVE THIS VIDEO! I sing that song when I'm scared and scream at my friend

I love Phil he's.... AMAZING but seriously his videos have really helped me over the past few months and dan's thanks to them both :3

Phil is so nice, and yet gets so little in return. Bad people get so much attention, but Phil, who saves lives and helps people and is NICE, is ignored? Not by the Phandom though! :D should have WAY more subs and is an amazing and kind person

you do you phil

me in the future<<< Phil is going to be all of us Phan trash when we are older. My friend and I have goals to be girl, American Dan and Phil let's see how that goes<<<< I wonder if he was doing the Maddie Ziegler dance routine to go with it

the amount of people who don't need an explanation to know where this is from is amazing(Phil) ayee

I love how ik who said this and which video it was too>>Legit watching this rn

Guys this is important since I fear for them if it's not>>>>i ship phan, yes, but im still respectful of both Dan and Phil as people. And anyone that thinks phan needs to happen, please respect that it may not be.

I do ship Phan and yes sometimes I will obsess over it but that doesn't mean I don't respect Dan and Phil.

This cut off tO a bAd sTaRT

I don't even ship Phan that much. Sorry, don't throw Phan related things at me<<<< I DO ship phan but I'm not crazy about it not bother the phandom but I'm still sometimes grateful for those ppl


"Tyler, Pewdiepie and also BBC ships Phan. Curse you two why don't you make Phan happen?" Jacksepticeye also ships Phan. Tyler is Phil trash