Oh my gods!!!!!

But i'm pretty sure Annabeth would've judo-flipped Percy again for sneaking up on her like that.<< that's probably why he wrapped his arms around her so she didn't judo flip him

Then the camera turned to thalia and nico... ... Dam funny

Now, isn't that awkward? Well, really the level of awkwardossity depends on when this takes place. Is this after pretty much everyone but Percy knows Nico's gay or before.


Can we all just take a moment and look at the fact Percy has a BLUE JEEP? The books don't say they have a jeepppp!


Percy Jackson Headcanon No offence but it sound like the time when Annabeth actually got injured in the Titan war and was bed ridden and Percy came to her side caring for her even though a war was going on, To the person who wrote this you are so original

Team Leo!

as much as I hate everything Calypso. Excuse me? How can you hate Calypso? Everyone ended with something happy, even poor Leo and Calypso.

Awwwww! Sorry for all the grammar and spelling error but I LOVE THIS!

This could definitely happen. And, if Percy hadn't seen Annabeth, I can see her walking up to the mean girls, judo flipping them and saying"Get away from my boyfriend!

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Percy is spying on his kid.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Why does everybody name Percy's kid Charlie?<<<<<<because Beckendorf is the reason Percabeth even really got together I think

This would be great!

My favorite part of this entire thing is "Grover & Tyson" because I just love headcanons like these that include these two.