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This is why we love Jackiboi has much has we all do, he can master all 3 sorts of selfies and he is an awesome bff

“hi can we just appreciate this for a moment thanks ”

Dayum I want someone to care about me like that, they are so amazing together.

oml this is too cute>>>>they are hurting my heart

Mark just wants a hug!

me: *runs towards Mark, trips over everything, lands face-first at his feet* Mark: . Me: *quietly raises my arms towards him* hug?

It's like, omg so inspiring, oh well there it goes...that's awesome xD

The 85 Funniest Tweets Of All Time

It's like, omg so inspiring, and then the inner mark in mark kick in BOPPERDOPPER

They were still flippin gorgeous

AWWWW If thats her, I have high hopes for my future. He's just fucking adorable

Quote: Unknown Pin: by me, Deja :3 Not all heroes wear capes! Some where headphones!

These three guys - Jacksepticeye, Markiplier & Pewdiepie always make me so happy everytime I watch them!