Deosss los extraño tanto

Hahahahaha awwwwww>>> I love how Harry just stands there. Like imagine if he would stand on his tippy toes as well, we'd only see his lips lol but Louis is damn good

I hate his gf but .....let's except this sour truth

I hate his gf but .let's except this sour truth <<< okay i hate her too but thats only bc louis is my baby and i want him but eleanor makes him happy and im glad

Never forget

Never forget

This will literally be me at the concert, but my tears will be real

Zayn pretending to cry during Harry's solo hahah<<<zayn is me. except for the pretend part

louis tomlinson #haylor funny

Poor poor Taylor but don't. He dated u ice and not again

I will do this !

Haha Louis wait and see. if it was Harry styles or Niall Horan would also be equally as funny


That's why we love our boys they aren't afraid to be different becoz we love their different it I'd who they are not like any other artist they are unique , special

Louis Tomlinson | for The Observer | How does one look so good drinking milk?!

Louis' interview with The Observer was so heartbreaking, but honest. I am so proud of him for being so honest about how he feels about himself/One Direction and all the situations. He's such a great human being.

Al those people are like obsessed with pop songs to Just fit in. So tired of that.

Dose any one see that like wear the same shirt ?but yet I love my dorks Jenkins Jenkins Irwin Paton Paton Hood Eshleman Eshleman Hemmings Dussert Dussert Clifford


Drowning in Louis feels right now. I miss the old Louis I feel like he's not himself anymore he's never as sassy during interviews and just .I can't >>>> I feel ya