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51 Unique Easter Egg Decoration Ideas To Amaze Your Spring Guests

Easter eggs are a vital part of celebrations. Why not make this Easter extra special by making use of unique Easter egg decoration ideas? Let your Easter eggs look exclusive and absolutely amazing.

I would like to see the Chicken that laid these

25 Easter Egg Designs To Dye For

Easter time is the time for eggs . and the time for eggs is Easter time!

Fun Easter Egg Designs

Easter egg design ideas and decorating videos can inspire a fun celebration. Discover Incredible Egg's DIY Easter decorating ideas for kids and parents!

Ombre Easter Eggs

Ombre Easter Eggs

Ombre Easter Eggs -- an EDIBLE way to decorate hard-boiled Easter Eggs using spray colors!

Easter Egg Hunt: 5 Creative Ideas

Easter Egg Hunt: 5 Creative Ideas

{Color hunt} "Assign hunters a particular color(s) to find on their hunt. This is especially good when hunting with mixed ages, as it allows the younger children a chance to find a equal amount of eggs." It is also good for color recognition.

kids craft: eraser decorating...

Creative Ways to Dye Easter Eggs

Pour paint onto a disposable plate. Dip just the end of a pencil eraser into the paint and dot the egg. Wash or wipe off the eraser to change colors. Make sure to dot one color at a time. You also can use a cotton swab to make small dots on your egg.

Easter bunny lollipop craft

Could you possibly make a Dum Dum any cuter? Craft an Easter Bunny lollipop favor from Dum Dums and pipe cleaners and inexpensive supplies from the craft store HERE at The Mothe…

K and R Designs: Alcohol And Sharpie Marker {Watercolor} tutorial on eggs

Sharpie Tie Dye Easter Eggs ~ Simple technique with beautiful results. Fun way to color Easter Eggs! sharpie color egg all around then alcohol slowly dripped from eye dropper

These adorable egg decorations make the perfect alternative to a bad dye-job, no yolk.

24 Genius Dye-Free Ways to Decorate Your Eggs

These adorable egg decorations make the perfect alternative to a bad dye-job, no yolk.