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<b>This Victorian-era mourning tradition is fascinating.</b> Warning: Pictures of dead people ahead.

17 Haunting Post-Mortem Photographs From The 1800s

This is a photo of research by neurologist Duchenne de Boulogne. He was experimenting with stimulation of the facial muscles by electricity, attempting to replicate different emotions and expressions. She's alive.

[Portrait of a neurologist using “Electro-stimulation”], Adrien Tournachon Victorian Medical Oddities, victorian photography via A Morning’s Work: Medical Photographs from the Burns Archive, Stanley B.

Victorian era post mortem photographer at work, Maybe thy could have done more with the hands... =\

Memento Mori: taking a photo of a deceased man being held up by a posing stand. The "posing stand" was to keep the subjects fixed and in position because of the time it took to take the photographs.

Post Mortem Photography (Video) Very beautifully done

An old Victorian post-mortem photograph. has a penchant for grotesque art, and she has at least one such memento mori piece in her houses.

Post-Mortem Photography was an important part of dealing with the death of a loved one in the Victorian era. This article explains the fascinating truth behind the photos of the dead.

The Truth Behind Victorian Post-Mortem Photography

Debunks the prevalent idea that most Victorian post-mortem photography is of the deceased supposedly standing up with the aid of a posing stand!

Victorian Post-Mortem photograph of a woman who died in a factory fire

People In The 1800s Did THIS With Dead Bodies

Memento Mori - Photography -From the original poster, this is a confirmed post mortem image. yes this is creepy but also somewhat beautiful!

2 handsome gentlemen - one with a stand behind to make him stand straight - it took forever to have a photo taken

The Truth Behind Victorian Post-Mortem Photography

Post mortem photography, also known as death photography, was something that was very popular in a time when cameras weren’t accessible. Also sometimes known as memento mori, death photography was the