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I NEED this Magic chair. Tap on the link to see it in action, it's a GIF.

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Taekwondo Tornado 360.    martial arts and combat sports

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21 GIFs That Are Actually Worth Looking At Two people splashed with liquid, one with a shirt treated with a hydrophobic chemical, one without


The Fletcher Capstan Table expands from a or table to one that measures between 20 and 30 feet across. This is the most amazing table ever!

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Homem com arroto monstruoso faz serenata e conquista o coração de algumas vacas

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MRW i'm at someones place and they say 'make yourself at home'

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Cuando Muhammad Ali esquivó 23 puñetazos en 10 segundos.  Compitió con 35 años | el rival, Michael Dockes, de 19

Cuando Muhammad Ali esquivó 23 puñetazos en 10 segundos


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