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Photoshopper Sees a Sleeping Dog's Pic and Decides to Have Some Fun - The Grumpy Fish

So true!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAH!!! @Kristin Lawson @Jill Batton

I never get tired of this joke

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Wouldn't want to get shot in the knee!>>I was and adventurer to until I took an arrow in the knee

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A Calvin and Hobbes and Doctor Who mashup t-shirt bt sugarpoultry/Jennette Brown. Calvin meets Doctor Who.

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The Best Of Doge

"Vai explodir!Opa,isso significa que...está vivo!Meu Deus,o que eu fiz?" Kkk

Imagine giving that to a Minecraft fan for his birthday. I can just imaging him trying to make Minecraft real

Literally everything true except the first one on top left

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this is the definition of my life as a child. Omg yes i remember doin tht wen i was younger. Lol tht was awesome

Disney princesses as ballerinas! If I have a little girl one day, these will go in frames in her bedroom!!

Illustrations of Disney Princesses as Ballerinas

Ballerina princesses, these are very pretty except for the fact that ballerinas don't tie up pointe shoes like that!

Please Pandora fans Take a LOOK! My closet Pandora Jewelry