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Have students journal a response to the picture...where is this? what is happening? why? what will happen next? etc.

This photo was taken in Detroit on a skateboard trip, by Aaron Wynia. House by Tyree Guyton, who created The Heidelberg Project, a whole neighborhood of houses embellished in various ways.

Red Nosed House Street Art by Dan Witz

Sometimes faces can be hidden in the most unassuming places. Here are 25 funny human-looking faces that have b.

From Wikipedia, Pareidolia "is a psychological phenomenon involving a vague and random stimulus (often an image or sound) being perceived as significant.

car face

This is what the world must look like to a paranoid person (31 Photos)

顔の家(The Face House) in Inami Wakayama

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Architizer Blog » For One Abandoned Detroit Neighborhood, Art Offers a Transformative Power

Teddy Bear Home. Project Heidelberg - outside of Detroit - wacky art on houses in a dying neighborhood. It was haunting and inspiring at the same time. You must drive through there if you are visiting Detroit.

Round-eyed brick wall | faces in buildings

Faces in Buildings

I love this- Writing Prompt: What would a (or this) building say if it could talk? - and the windows would blink and the doors would disapear as te building moved around,.