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TOTO SMALL STORAGE BOX - perfect size for small items that often get lost- and great to hold nail polish or craft gear

Inspired by the ease-of-use and multifunctional characteristics of the classic toolbox, this small storage box can be used in the office or as a beauty supply holder. The base is made of wood,.

Suite à la présentation de la lampe Vaalea, le jeune designer et étudiant Benjamin Fournier revient sur le blog afin de nous présenter un projet également

Projet etudiant : La TOOLBOX par Benjamin Fournier

wooden desk organizer--Actually, what I have is a sewing box just like this, except there are no inner partitions, and it has two lids with wooden knobs, and a carrying handle in the middle. I found it in the rain, put out for trash day! Someone had made it by hand! I love it.

Archive Hill Storage Oak

Archive Hill 2 Tier Storage - Desk Organisers - Books, Bags & Stationery - The Conran Shop UK

DIY~ Spice packet holders- This lady made this to help organize all the little packets she buys for gravy, salad dressing and other spice packets. by aftr

These pictures were sent through by an English couple working out in new Zealand for 18 months. First up is a toy showing Santa at the b.

Mikkel Vandborg | design detail

In the earlier days, woodworking was done with the tools that had to be manually operated.

Art Deco Pen Box

In November last year I posted a project showing an Art Deco style box made from Australian Rosewood. An old Lawyer friend of mine asked if I would make a pen box in this style to house his collection of pens.

Gift Boxes... 6 for 7-9 bucks... can stain or leave natural... shredding filler also here.   I think LCB is the Best I think it's about 85 for 60 plus 15 flat rate shipping... pretty good!  I can paint these with a decorative willow or something significant to the wedding!  FUN

Wooden Slide Top Boxes - for kid art boxes

Original Home Office™ Desk Organizer - Medium

Office Designs Desk Organizer - Medium: Sort mail and store supplies in this clever all-in-one organizer. Crafted of wood and wood composites. Specify Aged Pine, White or Distressed Black.

Need a good way to archive your old how-to magazines? Build these simple wood storage bins and have all your important reference materials at your fingertips instead of lost in a towering pile.

How to Make Magazine Storage Containers

How to Make Magazine Storage Containers. Build these simple wood storage bins and have all your important reference materials materials at your fingertips.