Gorgeous outdoor shower... http://www.onsafari.com/photos/accommodations/Botswana/Mashatu%20Tented%20Camp/Mashatu%20Tented%20Camp%20Outdoor%20Shower.jpg

Living Room Before and After outdoor bath house Outdoor shower Might just be the perfect little outdoor space!

By oneself in hot tub.

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Innovatief hardhouten vlonder

Totally not what I need but a great idea for the right location. However, I'd probably slip and fall and whack myself on the stepping stones!"Ahead of the Curve - Innovative Design Ideas for Stunning Decks" by Jamie Durie. Photo courtesy of HGTV.

beautiful outdoor bath

Don't just install any outdoor bathtub. Install THIS outdoor bathtub. and by outdoor bathtub i mean outdoor hot tub

Swimming Pool with Grotto Spa and play area, perfect oasis for all your little mermaids in their Fin Fun mermaid tails.

One of the most exclusive invites is to the Hefner mansion for one of the amazing parties and a dip in the grotto-styled swimming pool. Its hidden alcoves are infamous, and you can be sure some babies to the stars have been made in the infamous dive.

DIY Natural Pool - Yes Please ~ instead of all those scarey pool chemicals... I'd do this in a second!

Natural landscape architect and garden designer Michael Littlewood of Somerset, UK. Designer of natural swimming pools. Author of Natural Swimming Pools, Inspiration for Harmony with Nature, available on his website.

Located in Sheffield, Mass, this private pool was built into an already existing limestone quarry.  It's located in the backyard of Joel Goldstein, president of Mercedes distribution Co.

Some of the Coolest Swimming Pools

Funny pictures about Backyard Quarry Pool. Oh, and cool pics about Backyard Quarry Pool. Also, Backyard Quarry Pool photos.

Outdoor shower of stone with lots of plants.

Una doccia da sogno in giardino per rinfrescarsi d'estate! 20 idee a cui ispirarsi...

Outdoor Shower Love this rock walled shower. I'd put one in the most convient exit from the pool, forcing people to wash off.

Judy's Cottage Garden: Water Features

We build less formal natural swimming pools, but I love them all. Our natural swimming pools have are environmental systems that use no chlorine. definitely for the nature lovers that enjoy swimming in the garden.

waterfall natural swimming pool designs

You need to get a garden with waterfall. I think the design of the waterfall behind the house is often possible to stan.