After meeting the Hermit Crab, Buster encounters a Moon Jellyfish. He could have talked with even more varieties of Jellies at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. But that would have been a big trip for a little crab.

Pelagia noctiluca

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Jelly Fish at the Aquarium of the Pacific

A Jelly Fish and it's Tentacles at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California. It's always a challenge to shoot the jelly fish at the aquarium.

Yes, I put jellyfish on my House Ideas board. I want an aquarium, full of awesome glowing jellyfish.

Moon Jellyfish ( Aurelia aurita ) are a new frontier in the home aquarium. These jellyfish are breath taking to look at and are not.

What Do Jellyfish Eat? Jelly fish are beautiful creatures. There is 90% of water in their bodies but still they flow along with the flow of water. These creatures eat meat and mate constantly. Jelly fish have certain things which they have in common with other animals.

What Do Jellyfish Eat? Do Have Brains? and All Types of it

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