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katharine 21 bi princess cis she/her white virgo

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getaway car // lyrics // taylor swift // reputation

love this carrrrrrrrr

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Lets ride ⚡️

Lets ride ⚡️

Zoe 101

got you wrapped around my finger babe


What you say to the people, you know, the ones who have no idea what unbearable pain a migraine can cause, the ones who lack knowledge and empathy on what a migraine feels like.

Truth #dressedtokill

Truth #dressedtokill

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1956 Ford Thunderbird Taillight Emblem 2 iPhone Case by Jill Reger

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i'm not even mad, cold and remembering why i hate the snow, but surprisingly not even a bit mad

i wish you woulda cheated on me, at least i wouldn't have you haunting me

Beautiful Flowers

Sunset Desires

Margery was not exactly obsessed with sex, she was a virgin, but she thought about having sex a lot. She loved to flirt with boys, teasing them about what she could do to them, what they could do to her.

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- ̗̀ saith my he A rt ̖́-