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Summer chores before electronics- DEFINITELY doing this for my kids!

Here is a "Mom...I'm bored..." list of things to do. Great to post on the wall!

Never bored but some fun ideas! Endless Crafting: New Summer To Do List

Summertime Rules!  #summer

This is how we taught our kids to stop whining during chores!

Add in: read scriptures Summer Rules Free Printable - no screentime until. Love this idea, saves kids from the summer slide!

Summer Schedule for kids.

"Building" summer schedule-but good to remember all year!

This website gives parents tips for how to help their kids unplug

hot to unplug a plugged in kid (fun free printable screen time tickets!) - I need to check these ideas out to use on my husband!

Summer-time (or any time off from school) can turn into lazy-time if we aren’t careful (by “we”… I mean the parents). It can be easy for us, as parents, to just let our kids lounge around and hop online or turn on the TV when they are bored, but my husband and I really try to keep a limit on those things. That is where our home rules come into play.


No screentime Rules by yourmodernfamily

Free Printables to give your summer a little loose structure and a TON of fun! Don't go crazy with the kids home - enjoy your summer!! - from KaysePratt.com

Free Printables to give your summer a little loose structure and a TON of fun! - some more ideas here on how I can set up our summer schedule.

Saving Summer (A Schedule) | Full Plate Living

Full Plate Living: Saving Summer (A Schedule)

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Infographic: Chores for Kids

chores for children infographic, top chores for kids

25 manners every child should know by age 9.  (Hopefully well before 9!!)  Open up the link to see the whole list.

25 manners for kids. I am surprised by the lack of manners these days! When I was growing up, it was an atrocity if you did not use your manners. I am thankful my children were taught these very manners, because my parents instilled them in me as well.