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Sometimes, mom suho doesn’t understand that son sehun wants to be cool in front of people ^^

Suho <3 <3 <3

I hope that person lives a long healthy and happy life

I'm genuinely concerned for the others life

if Sehun is considered a genius, what is the rest of exo.

Minseok don't talk to mommy Suho that way

The clip was hilarious tho XD I love how Suho played every part

And we just surpassed 200,000 sales within 2 days❤ -cr.tellmewhatslove-

And we just surpassed sales within 2 days❤ -cr.tellmewhatslove->>>> when your bias group so strong it has a fight with itself


Sassy Suho is my favorite Suho.besides I don't give an f so screw off suho

He is doing the right thing lol XD We should repay him for doing us a favor hahaha XD

O this is why ur my presious smol child 😁