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Bolin. Grandmother. Persuading. Mako. Funny.  Need I say more? xD Legend of Korra. I love this part!!!!!!!

After watching the first Episode from Book 3 I had to post this hilarious conversation between Bolin and Mako. Team Avatar are planning. Legend of Korra.

Katara: " Sokka! You have a elbow leech! " Sokka: " Where?! Where?!" Katara: " Where do you think?" ||  Sokka: WHY DO THINGS KEEP ATTACHING TO ME?!

Katara: "Sokka, you have an elbow leech!" Sokka: "Where?" Katara: "Where do you think?" Sokka: "Why do things keep attaching to me?" This is my new laptop background

A fictional universe! - Sokka

Sokka is basically the male-version of me----Yes. Sokka is me. I am Sokka. We are one

Zuko, depending on the characters used, translates to honor restored.

Avatar: The Last Airbender name meanings<< this is so pretty. all theyre names go so well with their character❤️