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VIC-20.  Bam!

Vic 20 - Hey, how could you go wrong? It had 20 whole K of memory and sold for less than a good laptop today. With 3583 bytes free to program in!

COMMODORE 64.....that was my outfit, plus the dot matrix printer.

Commodore 64 - My first personal computer and second computer I ever worked on. I even had the tape drive and floppy!

Computer World 1978...our school had one

Personal Computer World - April 1978 cover - Commodore PET (Personal Electronic Transactor)

This was the first computer that I ever owned. My Texas Instruments TI-99/4A cost me $99.00

My very first computer. My brothers Pete, Wayne & I shared it. Pete & I took more of an interest in it. No hard drive back then. Pete & I spent days writing a graphic program of a football play. We designed all the pixel graphics.

Original IBM PC AT 286 with a single half height 5.25' floppy drive. It also comes with a HDD.

1982 ish, it was an elective class in High school IBM computer: floppy drive & MB hard drive;

3400 dollari per un hard disk da 10 mb

It's always funny to read old computer magazines, because nothing gets old faster than the technology news. Here are some very cool vintage computer ads for you

First Apple Computer

This is the kind of computer I remember working on in grammar school!

Q*Bert old school video game.  A square video game screenshot that is a digital representation of a multicolored pyramid of cubes in front of a black background. An orange spherical character, a red ball, and a purple coiled snake are on the cubes. Multicolored discs are adjacent to the left and right sides of the pyramid. Above the pyramid are statistics related to gameplay.

I loved Qbert! I rocked at this game! My brothers name is Quentin and one if bf's used to call him Qbert.

Sindy - a million times better than Barbie!

yay - the brunette ballerina Sindy that I had! And she didn't have the pink tutu either!

Texas Instruments... Our first family computer!

My first computer! The cartridges were huge and the console connected to your TV set.