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Omgosh I love this so much! All of the villains from my favorite super hero trilogy (: Although Selena did turn out to be good in the end :P

some quotes from each Bat-villains from Christopher Nolans' Batman Trilogy Nolan's Batman Trilogy villains' quotes

Inception vs. Batman

Inception vs. Batman

Inception Within Batman! So does that mean that The Batman movies are just a dream!

I did not know all of these, but I'm just sick of the parents who took their kids to watch deadpool and hitman when they knew the rating is not suitable for their kids.

I play them all, just be wise...

I did not know all of these, but I'm just sick of the parents who took their kids to watch deadpool and hitman when they knew the rating is not suitable for their kids. - wrist watches for sale, mens watches gold and black, big mens watches *ad

Watchmen.. .such a good movie

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Take away your bat suit and what are you?

Hahaha:) Bruce Wayne (Batman), Tony Stark (Ironman), and Captain America.


Don't forget the two watsons


Hola, Linces, Maquinolas, Robertos y toda la Comunidad taringuera, He dedicado un tiempo en buscar y recolectar unas imagenes, ya que no tengo vida social, me la paso virgueando todo el dia, como todo un forever alone, y hoy quiero enseñar esta...

[MEGAPOST] Humor Grafico, Pasa Lince

asi son los interrogatorios con joker :V

Logic bro

“Deep down, Clark's essentially a good person. and deep down, I'm not

The Batmobiles lost there wheels and the Joker got away.

Evolution of the Batmobile -- I have always loved the original 66 for the fact that it would be the easiest to fix/replace. Throw a diesel in for even simpler operation. But that would not sell tickets.

The villains of the Dark Knight trilogy are so quotable.

The Villians are so quotable. I LOVE Batman villains Ra's al Ghul: A purging fire is inevitable and natural.

Nine superhero pickup lines… my reactions:  Spiderman - Eww, no.   Human Torch - Come back when you become Captain America.   Flash - Run Away. Hulk - Not interested in giant green rage monsters. Iron Man - ...Really?  That's the best you, Tony Stark, could come up with?  I am so disappointed in you. Thor - What?  No Hammer jokes?   Daredevil - I wish I was blind after having to sit through your movie.   Superman - Don't make me use my kryptonite pepper spray.   Batman - ...I'm available.

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The Justice League, also called the Justice League of America or JLA are a superhero team who appear in the DC Comics universe. Created by Gardner Fox they first appeared in Brave and the Bold #28 in 1960. The Justice League is the most powerful and premier superhero team, a strike force comprised of the world's mightiest heroes. They act as stalwart protectors of sentient life; Earth's first line of defense against terrestrial, extra-terrestrial, inter-dimensional and supernatural threats…

The Justice League Hey RIPT Tees and DC fans, this weeks graphic is all about the founding members of the Justice League of America. The Justice League originally featured Superman, Batman, Wonder.

Fajne ;p

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Joker Quotes

Joker Quotes

The first rule of truly living - do the thing you are most afraid of. The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Quotes - Meetville

One of my all time favorite movie quotes! My bff and I were addicted to the movie The Crow growing up.

This quote with Eric Draven.The Crow