The last way by WolfRoad on DeviantArt

This is a fairly old work, I could not finish it. It was created as a basis for role-playing game for the wolves. It is the god of war - Varga and his pack "Dark of the Moon.

DarkIceWolf Icon by DarkIceWolf on DeviantArt

^_^ Character and artwork © me, do not use or repost without my permission.

Howling Wolf Temporary Tattoo

Howling Wolf Temporary Tattoo

Product Description: - Type: Temporary Tattoo - Package Size: x x x x - Resistance: Waterproof and sweat, slight anti friction Shipping & Handling: This item is e


Long time no post. I have been working simultaneously on a few larger pieces, one being a group picture of mine and two of my friends characters. It's been taking me a little while ho.

Reeves Paint By Number Artist Collection 9"X12-Night Watch

Paint By Number Kits For Adults have been around for over 50 years. Many people gently mock the idea of paint by number paintings, but needless to say 50 years later they are still going strong and hold a steady place in the market for children and.

Hope by Alaiaorax on DeviantArt

Portrait commission for Inugami Reo Arhas © Inugami Reo Art © Alaiaorax Hope