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*casually avoids doing homework* I am so good at it I swear. if it’s not obvious hoh clearly made me love every single character more. so cute couple-viria

Is it just me or does Percy kinda looks like Frank by the hair but I know it's Percabeth

Ok it seems we (the fandom) have done a little older and dirtier. What ever here is our fav couple, percabeth.


"Who puts a dining table on the beach where innocent demigods can crash into it?” haha Leo Valdez and Calypso adorable fan art from the House of Hades and the Blood of Olympus

Tiger's Curse. This reminds me of chapter 23 when Ren is in the kitchen making a sandwich for Kelsey but ends up making a really thick peanut butter sandwich that she can barely eat!

While others are swooning over the "Percabeth,'' I'm screaming blue pancakes!>>> forget that, percabeth is making blue pancakes

Resultado de imagem para desenhos

Resultado de imagem para desenhos

Emmm yes please

Read Her from the story Percy Jackson Headcannons by with 226 reads. Percy and Annabeth were up on Mt. Olympus where Percy was currentl.