Os 17 anos d'A Pedra Filosofal: o que aprendi com Harry Potter

From TrolladrielCreations on Etsy.....My own original watercolor painting of my favorite harry potter characters  Printed on thick chromo-matte 300 gsm paper    Size: 8.27 × 11.7

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Harry potter

Black 'Harry Potter' Characters Aren't Just Beautiful -- They're Revolutionary

The Adventure of Chibi!Harry. Please correct my awful English.. together~

hahahahahahaha Tom Riddle and chibi Harry. Snake's Delivery So adorable! I want a Chibi Draco in it too

like malfoy's cup

Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter with their backup buddies- I love Draco's mug!- Ron angrily holds a sandwich. Drawn by CaptBex

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bellemrdch: HPShipweeks : Week 3 - Molly/Arthur Molly and Arthur early in their marriage. Their love for each other is the absolute cutest. (Arthur couldn’t afford to buy flowers, so he picked them)