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Red Fox

an average female fox prowling in a full wilderness setting (action photography) ~ classic ~ professional photography 🦊 average young male group

Red Fox Sarah Furchner Photography

Sarah Furchner, an award-winning Wildlife and Nature Photographer from Northern Ontario, shares with us her unique perspective of Northeastern Ontario.

Diamond Embroidery Printed Gem Kit Fox

Diamond Embroidery Printed Gem Kit Fox

luxuriousimpressions:  Snow Day By   william teuscher

The Empire of Ay employs Messenger Foxes to pass dispatches between the kingdoms, whenever something isn't so urgent as to justify the Communication Crystals. They also save lives in

Red Fox under the snow

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The red fox lives along side wolves, coyotes and all the other animals. Serving as a balance in nature to culling out the weak or sick or just larger numbers of all sorts of animals.