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Bruh this was stolen from a poetry slam! 😂👏🏽 it's called coffee by the poet puff girls.

Watching ALL sports Anime be like: wow whoops looks like I'm the parent of over 500 children oh wow golly.

If this isn't the truth, idk what is I love each and every character in haikyuu - hq / Hinata / Kageyama / Oikawa / Daichii / Sugawara

More proof of Iwaoi and that Kuroo is a nerd

More proof of Iwaoi and that Kuroo is a nerd. This is how I remember which part of the pH scale is basic TBH

Haikyuu characters on Facebook

xD rip Bokuto and his lacking brain capacity, reminds me of a certain *cough* Hinata *cough* Kageyama *cough*

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Haha I love these "Iwa-chan commenting on Oikawa's old posts" pics XD

Haikyuu facebook

Sugamama successfully spotted