Repin if you're a true fan

Well i hate carter but love to boys so<<<<<HOW DARE YOU? All of them deserve our respect and love just the same! Carter is Just as important as the Jacks, Nash, and Cam! If you don't love all of them then you're not a true fan -Sophie

Or: "Wow. Thanks for wasting 2 seconds of my life with those three words. Buh bye."

i didnt know people liked human spoiled mayonnaise. nash is disgusting

hahaha yes.... just think only one person gets to marry him...... happy grier games lol

Or Hayes Grier or Cameron Dallas or Hunter Rowland or Shawn Mendes or every Magcon boi ☺️

I cried when I read this because they may not stop tweeting but the tour will stop and they will become the best at what they do

I wish this day never comes because all of them have touched a little part in each of their fans including me.

Lindsey Peterson @nailsbylindsey_ Black Stilletos! ...Instagram photo

(Nash Grier Youtube) Sup im youtube. I like making people laugh i guess. I play football and im 17 and single.

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