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Tell Pinterest to change it back!! Make your opinion heard. They can't ignore us forever.

sigh, If yall are gonna make changes, make good fkn changes!

PLEASE SHARE AND REPIN if you dislike the new combination and organization of news and repins. I have greatly reduced using pinterest because I simply have no idea who is repining from my boards. It takes me five clicks and ten windows. I hate it!

I'm pinning this to my favorite board out of sheer frustration.

"Related Pins" are ruining my #Pinterest experience. Over half the Pins in my desktop view are not from boards I follow. There is no way to turn this off in personalization settings. Huge #fail that will make me stop browsing the platform at least, and only use for storage and search. Which means I won't see your lovely Pins anymore. If you don't like this feature either and want some control back over what you see in your feed, please Repin.

They're not even related, for FSM's sake. "Inspired by your board Pro-Choice, here's an anti-choice board. Inspired by your Gun Control board, here's a board opposing gun control.