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Funny pictures about Disproving God. Oh, and cool pics about Disproving God. Also, Disproving God photos.

The Bible is a "moral handbook", written by imperfect, human men that believed society should follow what THEY thought was right + wrong. So they created an imaginary figurehead who sees everything you do, and damns you to a life in hell if you don't follow its rules. Kinda like how Santa Claus doesn't leave you presents if you've been naughty~

In the beginning man made God and then the problems started! Isn't that the truth?


Christianity, Celebrating the irony of a carpenter being nailed to a piece of wood for over 2000 years Christianity

History repeating itself in belief

It’s Deja Vu All Over Again

Yeah! Take that creationists!  - http://holesinthefoam.us/2013/11/yeah-take-creationists/

The Norway spruce - Oldest Living Tree Found in Sweden. The trunk of the above tree is less than 600 years old—but its roots date back to years ago, making it the world's oldest known living tree, scientists say. Photo by Leif Kullman at Umeå University