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10 Reasons We Love Bookish David Bowie | BookRiot.com

10 Reasons We Love Bookish David Bowie

From his thoughts on the Oxford Dictionary to Daniel Radcliffe's choice for a Horcrux to a Bowie book club, here's why we love bookish David Bowie.

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The truth is of course is that there is no journey. We are arriving and departing all at the same time. —David Bowie (yr unknown) Love me some David Bowie!

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David Bowie/ Space oddity major Tom haz a whole new meaning theze dayez but none the less good album luv Bowie :).


David Bowie at the SoHo House in New York City, New York 2003 photo © James Devaney

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David Bowie looks a lot like Sigourney Weaver - especially in this picture.

I am sorry but as long as there are photos of Bowie, that i have not yet pinned. well expect a lot of bowie.

“David could be a painter, an actor, a director, a writer: he was all this . and more★★★Unique and unforgettable!

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18 /France/Art Student ♦David Bowie - Sherlock - Doctor Who, and everything else awesome♠ F.G is a precious babe.