Miles Davis (1955)

Miles Davis had a Heroine Addiction problem but he managed to quit his addiction and went back to produce great jazz music

Miles Davis by Esmond Edwards, Prestige-Records.

Miles Davis, Prestige Records, Inc. Bespoke unstructured jacket made to have a minimum of seams.

Bill Evans and Miles Davis, Kind Of Blue sessions ,1959  http://www.BillEvans.Estate

themaninthegreenshirt: Bill Evans and Miles Davis, Kind Of Blue sessions, 1959 .

Miles Davis, 1950

FOTOS: Miles Davis completaria 90 anos se estivesse vivo, mas seu impacto é eterno

themaninthegreenshirt: “Miles Davis was a genius innovator at the forefront of jazz and left the game as one of the most influential artists of the Century, having played a pivotal role in.


DelightFULL's lamps are knowingly inspired by jazz musicians, and here are the most quintessential albums and how they've inspired these Mid-century lamps.

La elegancia de Miles

Miles Davis at Newport Jazz Festival by David Redfern from Sonic Editions Photography on Gilt

Miles Davis, NYC, 1958 by Dennis Stock

artemisvoice: “ Above: Miles Davis, NYC, Dennis Stock ” Taking an educated guess that Paul Chambers and his bass are on the right, and Cannonball Adderley’s alto sax is on the left.