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Published by SSB – The Moderate Upturn Continues 30 November 2017 Table: Main economic indicators 2005-2020. Accounts and forecasts. Percentage change from previous year unless otherwise noted The turnaround in the economy was driven by a highly expansive fiscal and monetary policy, a weak ...

Norway's Moderate Economic Upturn Continues - Letters from Norway

Arquitetura, Águas, Início, Viagens

Arquitetura, Águas, Início, Viagens

What are Indians doing in Norway in the first place, working unskilled jobs when there are so many unemployed and refugees throughout Europe, looking for work?  Two men (30 & 60) were sentenced to prison for having exploited Indian seasonal workers to forced labor for two nurseries in...

Indian Farm Workers Exploited in Norway - Letters from Norway

This is the second podcast of two, exploring life in Oslo. In addition to a vibrant singles scene, the city also has a lot to offer outdoor enthusiasts, including The Vigeland Park. The episode also discusses resources and groups for Americans. Intro (0:00 to 0:12) Single Scene (0:13 to...

Middle Aged Life in Oslo - Part - Letters from Norway

Erik Roberts, an American living in Western Sweden, continues to tell his story. My wife and I visited Erik in Gothenburg and we discuss what we saw and daily life. Housing, like everywhere else, is one of the main challenges. Although the politically correct culture is annoying, Sweden is still...

Interviewing Erik Roberts: An American in Sweden - Part 2 - Letters from Norway

While visiting relatives in Virginia Beach, Virginia, I took a walk along the Atlantic Avenue boardwalk. Approaching 25th Street, I saw a Norwegian flag waving in the air. For a moment, I was baffled for a second, thinking that someone was a real Letters from Norway fan but then recalled the...

Wreck of the “Dictator” - The Story of How Moss, Norway and Virginia Beach, VA Became One - Letters from Norway

The American Ideology Steve Bannon’s quotes sum up the current conflict between Nationalism and Globalism (see 6:20), “We are not an economy in a global marketplace with open borders,”  “We are a nation with an economy,”  “We are a nation with a culture and a reason for being.”  “That’s what...

Steve Bannon For Norwegians Part III - Letters from Norway

Los problemas de equilibrio parecen ser una constante en la historia de la Humanidad para Mr. Dennis.  http://www.elgrancapitan.org/foro/viewtopic.php?f=87&t=16979&p=880440#p880439

Ancient Egyptian temples were the domain of the gods. Only the pharaoh and his priests were ever allowed to enter them. The pharaoh was also the.

"The Forgotten Man" painting by Jon McNaughton

Famous Artist Who Painted Obama Stepping On The Constitution Just Released Trump's Painting - Spot The Difference?

Recently, I have been on the road, traveling to Warsaw, Poland – a fast growing IT technology hub. While meeting a vendor, I noticed something very different, compared to Scandinavia – enthusiasm, and optimism. Like the Nordics, they spoke excellent English, except they don’t constantly pause,...

Poland: Europe’s Hope - Letters from Norway

Living in Norway and Sweden, we see it every day but no one wants to talk about this? Letters from Norway goes there, sharing our observations, and asking the difficult questions about beggars and gypsies in the Nordics. Underneath the surface, there is an organization that lives in the...

Gypsies and beggars, protected by political correctness, circumvent the law

If You Live in Freedom, Thank the British Empire | Frontpage Mag

If You Live in Freedom, Thank the British Empire - Curated political news website providing continuously updated headlines from Political Commentary, PragerU.

This is one more reason why AirBnB beats youth hostels – Transparent ownership.  The Washington Post reports that Berlin’s City Hostel appears at first glance to be a simple, cheap option for staying in the German capital. It’s not far from landmarks such as the Brandenburg Gate, and while...

Germany is struggling to shut down a hostel funding North Korea. The hostel is fighting back.

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www.twinset.com ru-RU zhkkrdvyi-rmn-p11556?s=S&c=18

Kakkoskoti Kuurna 95s

Kakkoskoti Kuurna 95s

Заказной Single Family Auerberg - Готовый к здание для будущих поколений (копия 1) - Gussek ДОМ

Заказной Single Family Auerberg - Готовый к здание для будущих поколений (копия 1) - Gussek ДОМ