~  Hopi petroglyphs ~

In most of the world, petroglyphs remain largely mysterious. They were carved long ago by people whose cultures have vanished, and at best.

Cave paintings from Tassily-n-Ajjer in Algeria, made 8000 BC - 4000 BC

This Paleolithic cave drawing depicts a rear-entry sex position and illustrates the importance of great sex in ancient cultures.

The Hundred Mammoths Cave (Grotte Prehistorique de Rouffignac)

The World's Coolest Caves

The Hundred Mammoths Cave (Grotte Préhistorique de Rouffignac): France

The cave paintings at Tassili-n-Ajjer

The Tassili N'Ajjer rock carvings as early as 8000 years old and wall paintings in (modern-day) Algeria depict Saharans harvesting the fruit of date-palm trees, a village with a herd of cattle, and defense of a flock of sheep from a lion.

cave art france | cave art at lascaux roufignac and other sites in france

The cave of Rouffignac in France contains ice age art, including paintings and etchings of animals such as the mammoth, woolly rhino and cave bear.

Ciervo en la Cueva de Las Chimeneas, Puente Viesgo  #Cantabria #Spain

Information on The Altamira caves and Palaeolithic rock art in northern Spain in Santillana del Mar, Cantabria. Opening times and ticket prices on the official portal for culture in Spain.