MusicArt LA  5ª TROMPETA  Beato de Valladolid, f°120.

Folio 120 rect from the Valcavado Beatus (Valladolid, Biblioteca de la Universidad, MS Angel with Locusts.Scanned from John Williams, The Illustrated Beatus: A Corpus of the Illustration of the Commentary on the Apocalypse, Volume I:Introduction.

The Morgan Beatus manuscript

Early Spanish Mozarabic Manuscript - The Morgan Beatus manuscript New York: G. Braziller in association with the Pierpont Morgan Library, 1991 Special Coll Oversize

700 years after the Book of Revelations was written, a monk named Beatus set down to illustrate a collection of writings he had compiled about this most vivid and apocalyptic of the New Testament books. Throughout the next few centuries his depictions of multi-headed beasts, decapitated sinners, and trumpet blowing angels, would be copied in various versions of the manuscript. Below is a selection of images from a manuscript known as the Beatus de Facundus (or Beatus de León), dating to…

And the fifth Angel sounded the trumpet: and I saw a star fall from heaven upon the earth, and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit - - in the Beatus de Facunda

Walter Manuscript Casting demons into swine

Gospel Lectionary, Christ exorcising the demoniacs, Walters Manuscript fol.

Commentary, MS M.644 fol. 154v - Images from Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts - The Morgan Library & Museum

Beato de Escalada: Lámina 3 or Beatus manuscript of San Miguel, Escalada. "The two witnesses went up to heaven and the earthquake occurs".

Beato de Liébana. Beato de Liébana , Santo — Manuscrito — 1047

Beato de Liébana. Beato de Liébana , Santo — Manuscrito — 1047

folio from The Beatus of Facundus (1047)    from Beatus de Facundus: The dragon gives his power to the beast 11th century

From the Beatus of Facundus or Beatus de León. Painted by a man called Facundus for Ferdinand I and Queen Sancha. Illustrates the Commentary on the Apocolypse by Beatus de Liébana.