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Fibonacci number or the golden ratio

History of the Fibonacci number sequence, their is clear evidence that ancient civilizations understood and used these numbers much better than we do today.

Fibonacci Spiral

Fibonacci Spiral - Golden Spiral Logarithmic spiral whose growth factor is φ, the golden ratio - gets wider (or further from its origin) by a factor of φ for every quarter turn it makes.

walter russell ten octave integration and desintigration chart

Walter Russell

Diagram Showing the Ten Octaves of Integrating Light, One Octave Within The Other. These Ten Octaves Constitute One Complete Cycle of the Transfer of the Universal Constant of Energy Into, And Through, All of Its Dimensions in Sequence

How the Mayan write their Numbers.

Teach kids about Mayan mathematicians. Then have them write their own Mayan math problems with an answer sheet, switch and solve someone else's. Switch back and students grade each other.

The Classical system is influential because the ideals and philosophy behind the system is not only based on what’s practical but is also geometrically sound, attractive to the eye and functional engineering wise. One can only say that the Classical orders are orders of visual splendor and cohesion. Call us at: 212-461-0245 // 212-913-9588 Sales@AncientSurfaces.com  http://www.ancientsurfaces.com/Golden-Ratio.html

The Golden Ratio in Fireplaces and other Architectural Stone Elements

Discover the power of this ratio....Fibonacci spirals are everywhere! :)

The golden ratio in our world: 20 surprising photos that show the power of Fibonacci numbers

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This shows the Fibonacci sequence in hurricanes. I think this would be a really cool pattern to show students on "Formation" day of our unit for math class. MNM

Look at images of galaxies and compare to this satellite image of Hurricane Isabel. It is striking how similar they are. While galaxies and hurricanes may not seem to have much in common, they both exhibit the mathematical curve of a logarithmic spiral.